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The perfect solution for distributed teams with developers spread out geographically, and where the source code availability and reliability plays an important role.

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Welcome to DevGuard :: Subversion Hosting Solutions

DevGuard provides a hosted Subversion and integrated project management (wiki, issue tracking) system. Subversion is an easy to use version control system meant to replace CVS. We offer plans that fits any budget and requirements, everything from a small single repository to accounts with a huge multiple repositories. Hosted on a fast, multi-homed network and secure servers, coupled with a secure access and our customized web Control Panel, DevGuard is the right choice for all your version control needs.

Information and Resources

  • Current System Status:
    - Subversion 1.8
    - Trac 0.11.7
    - System up and running.
  • Where can I find more information about Subversion?
    There are a lot of resources, but the best start would be the Subversion project site, and Subversion Book. Check for more usefull links on the Subversion project page, and also on our Resources page.
  • I have a problem / I need more info!
    Don't hesitate to contact us. If you're already a DevGuard member, please use Support Ticket system.

DevGuard Features

  • Instant Account Activation
    Make a new, renew or upgrade your account and start using it, all in 10 minutes.
  • Easy Control Panel
    Resource monitoring, create/delete/backup/verify/recover your SVN repositories, manage groups and users, manage commit notifications, manage ACLs, manage backups.
  • Secure
    Encrypted (https) data transfer; up to date Linux servers.
  • Reliable
    Fast, multi-homed network access, 99.5% guaranteed uptime, RAID1 mirrored disk arrays, hourly off-site backups.
  • Cost effective
    Affordable prices, risk-free, 7-day cash back guarantee.
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